11. Inktober

Mo reflects on her Inktober 2018 and shares what she learned, loved, and hated about it. Episode Outline Intro - October Challenge to improve the skills of inking! Past experience - meh and pens only 2018 - Small Goal, but better than before To  make art using a new medium and to be a part... Continue Reading →

10. Horror Story Reading!

In today’s episode, MoCo shares some Halloween vibes by reading and discussing Corey’s horror short titled “Eat.” Dim the lights and sip on a nice, warm beverage because there’s no warmth or comfort where you’re going. Episode Outline A reading of “Eat” by Corey Willis. Read by Monica Maldonado. Discuss the story What inspired the... Continue Reading →

9. Creating. Does It Get Easier?

We discuss our ideas/experiences on whether we think creating art becomes easier as we keep practicing it. Episode Outline Intro - You can see an artist’s then and now, and think “wow they make it look so easy!” or “will I ever reach that point?” “Will it ever become easier? It depends? Yes and No!... Continue Reading →

8. Setting Up Goals & Knocking ‘Em Down!

It's important to set goals if you want to grow as a creator. Setting small, large, soon, and far out goals will keep you consistently creating. Come along and learn with us about what types of goals you can set and how you can remind yourself to keep the goals on track. It's all about setting 'em up and knocking 'em down!

7. Creating in the Dark

Creating isn't always easy. The struggles of life can make it hard to keep up with your favorite artform. We share some of our recent struggles and provide helpful tips for getting your creative output back on track!

6. How to Talk About Your Craft

Speaking confidently about your craft can be daunting. There’s nothing worse than being asked about your writing or heaven forbid a coworker asks what your paintings look like. It sounds so trite and simple, but it’s difficult to sound confident, but not prideful and knowledgeable and not stupid.

5. Finding Your Voice

very artist worth their salt develops their own unique "voice" or "style." We're here to help you find your inner uniqueness! The thing that makes your art, well... your art. Now with 50% more alliteration!

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