5. Finding Your Voice

Every artist worth their salt develops their own unique “voice” or “style.” We’re here to help you find your inner uniqueness! The thing that makes your art, well… your art. Now with 50% more alliteration!

What We’ve Been Working On

Monica: Journal Paintings (check out keyoforange.com for more Mo art!)

Corey: Enter Oblivious (Coming this month!)

Episode Outline


  1. Get into a creative group with feedback and accountability.
    • Online or in person.
  2. Solidify knowledge in fundamentals
  3. Swap critiques on social media.


  1. Analyze creators you like. Dissect it and take out the parts you like.
  2. Copying to Learn
  3. Try writing in the exact style of an author you like as an experiment.
    1. Your own style may emerge.


  1. Take those core concepts and create and over and over.


  1. You will see, read, or see your “voice” and latch onto it. Once you have it, you want to stay independent and consistent with it.


  • Corey: X Minus 1 (Old Time Radio)
  • Monica: The Sky 😀 (journal painting)

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