7. Creating in the Dark

Creating isn’t always easy. The struggles of life can make it hard to keep up with your favorite artform. We share some of our recent struggles and provide helpful tips for getting your creative output back on track!

Helpful Articles

Episode Outline

Life is Hard

      1. Family issues, job searching, money problems, depression.
      2. Our personal experience with it!

You’re never alone

      1. Find friends, family, fellow creators to confide in.
      2. Find people with similar experience to encourage you.

Creating Amidst the Darkness

      1. It can be hard to focus when things are difficult, but sometimes the most beautiful art comes out when you’re at your lowest.
      2. You art can help pull you out of the rut.

Getting back on Track

      1. Days/Weeks/Months can go by without creating.
      2. Get back to it by taking a trip somewhere new.
        1. Bring your art supplies, laptop, and let the new environment inspire you.
      3. Get professional help.

Know It’s Temporary

      1. If you’re serious, you can’t ever give up!
      2. Get on your feet and start creating again! Get up!

Be Part of the Solution

    1. If it’s a problem that is fixable, be part of the solution.
    2. Do nice things for other people.
    3. Be your mythical best.
    4. Say it out loud!
    5. Positive side – learning from experience, how to/not to react…

What are we working on?

  • Monica: New Photography, journal, brainstorming new canvas painting, Inktober
  • Corey: Two short horror story, interviewing for jobs, writing Enter Oblivious.

What inspired us this week?

My brother’s board game!


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