9. Creating. Does It Get Easier?

We discuss our ideas/experiences on whether we think creating art becomes easier as we keep practicing it.

Episode Outline

Intro – You can see an artist’s then and now, and think “wow they make it look so easy!” or “will I ever reach that point?” “Will it ever become easier?

It depends? Yes and No!

      1. It will always take work!
        1. It always takes so much energy from ALL the things
        2. It’s really just you practicing how to approach/tackle it – it feels easier
        3. The fundamentals gets easier, which frees you up to tackle more advanced techniques, which in turn, make it more difficult in some ways.
        4. I hear new authors asking if certain parts of writing get easier. Such as, will I be able to draw the reader in with my opening line more easily. The answer is yes. Then the struggles will be issues like following good structure.
      2. You’ll feel alone
        1. Many people (who don’t identify themselves as a creative bean) won’t be able to relate to you
        2. You should be encouraged because you’re doing a pretty hard thing
      3. Comparing (yourself or others)
      4. In my own work, I’ve noticed progress in areas and noticed that it might not take the same amount of effort/time as before definite improvement, but not getting “easier”

Creating is a part of you

    1. If being an artist or creative bean describes you, or is what you’re striving to be; wanting it to be easier won’t be and shouldn’t be your goal. Regardless if it does get easier or not, it really comes down to what you want to create 🙂
    2. What do you think? Agree? Disagree?

What are we working on?

  • Monica: learning more about photography, Inktober, planning
  • Corey: Radio Drama, a short horror story, started a new IT job

What inspired us this week?

  • Monica: Get up! Mother Mother (I actually listened to the lyrics!! :-O)
  • Corey: Stargate SG-1

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