11. Inktober

Mo reflects on her Inktober 2018 and shares what she learned, loved, and hated about it.

Episode Outline

  • Intro – October Challenge to improve the skills of inking!
  • Past experience – meh and pens only
  • 2018 – Small Goal, but better than before
        1. To  make art using a new medium and to be a part of it
        2. Supplies
          1. Prismacolors, koi watercolors, travel mixed media sketchbook
        3. No prompt – clouds, trees, robots
  • What I learned thanks to Inktober (B&W only)
  • Fundamentals
      1. Lighting, shadows, values,
      2. Easier to be inspired/Less Pressure – painted what I felt like
      3. Grew more in my style, brain break/brainstorm for original paint ideas (that are usually hard for me to plan)
      4. Learned a lot more about watercolor
        1. It pushed me to
        2. How fun it is to have a finished product quicker
        3. More open to other mediums
  • Was my goal accomplished?
    1. 13!
    2. To be better than before and to get out of comfort zone
    3. I created art and more of it. So yes 🙂

What are we working on?

  • Monica: learning more about photography, Inktober, planning
  • Corey: Horror short story.

What inspired us this week?

  • Monica: Halloween Vibes and Inktober
  • Corey: Old family photos

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